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Peace Pole Custom Language Plate

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Type your translation exactly as you would like it to appear (max. 34 characters including spaces)
Price: $50 for the first plate, $25 for each additional copy

Please note that, at this time, we are not able to ship before the full 4-6 weeks delivery time.   
Please plan accordingly and we apologize for any inconvenience

Peace Pole Custom Language Plates

Looking for the universal message of peace in a language that we do not currently offer?  We can create a Custom Language Plate for you.  

Language Plates are for crafting your own Peace Poledecorating your mailbox post, fencing, doors, or other creative locations. The possibilities are infinite.

All Plates have an adhesive backing and eighteen pre-drilled holes to accept a small nail or screw. Eighteen all-weather spiral shank brads are included for mounting.

Appoximate Size: 31 & 1/2" x 3 & 5/16"

$50 for your first Plate and $25 for each additional copy - choose the total number of Plates you want under "product options" (for example, a package of 4 Plates), type your translation into the text box provided, and add "1" to your cart.  The package price will automatically adjust based on the number of Plates in the package.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery on all Custom Language Plate orders.

If the language you would like is a symbolic language or for other reasons cannot be typed into the text box, we can still create a Custom Plate for you. Please call 845-877-6093 or email to speak with us about options.  

It's not a Peace Pole if it doesn't say May Peace Prevail On Earth!
The message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, is permitted  for use by individuals and organizations who support us in our peace work. However, the use of  our language decals for resale or the use of  our language decals to craft Peace Poles for resale, commerce, or profit is not permitted without the permission of The World Peace Prayer Society.